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Race - Why is it STILL important in 2020?

Well, it's the end of May 2020 and this is my FIRST blog post for this website and my 2018 book. Quite frankly, I completely overlooked the need to have a blog associated with my website because I spent a lot of time in developing my Podcast Show which has also been VERY SUCCESSFUL. So after 2 years and a suggestion from Mr. Larry, I am starting this blog!!

So here I go! RACE. Although I feel it is still important in 2020 and for those of us who are a part of a particular racial and ethnic population in the U.S., interestingly my college students DO NOT feel that it is of major importance today. In fact, they feel that there are other factors more important such as gender, education level, socioeconomic standing, and place of residence which influences an individual's opportunity or lack of opportunity in his/her success.

What do you think??? Is one's RACE still important in 2020? Let me receive your feedback, comments and perspectives.

Here is a photo of myself after my class - Race and Ethnic Relations: Discovering New Solutions.

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